Creates: 5 main obstacles

Beef cattle is an activity that involves the production of cattle or other animals. It aims at slaughter and, with that, the generation of meat for consumption, leather, and derivatives. In beef cattle, have phases creates, recreates, and fattening. The calf comprises the reproduction and development of the calf until its weaning. The rearing begins […]

Recreates: 5 main barriers

Creates, Recreates, and Fattening. Livestock production processes are critical and complex. In the breeding stage, as already commented in the text “Cria: 5 main obstacles”, there is a concern to provide the best conditions for weaning to occur in the largest number of calves with the most significant possible weight. This phase is of great importance […]

Welfare aspects of beef cattle production systems

Introduction The beef cattle herd can suffer a range of influences that cause stress. As a result, low-quality meat production and lower productivity gains. Breeders who value the well-being of their flock will also be valuing the excellence of their production. Therefore, it is essential that the breeder knows the different aspects that can cause […]

Boi Gordo and Commodities Futures Market: 7 basic precautions

There are 7 necessary precautions in the Future Market of Boi Gordo and Agricultural Commodities that producers and chain agents should be aware of. Many people have used the Commodities and Futures Exchange (BM&F) to protect their agricultural operations. However, we often see some confusion in their goals. BM&F is a market that can generate significant, high-risk […]