Preventive castration in cattle: What is the ideal time to perform it?

Preventive casketing in cattle is one of the main ways to prevent hoof disease. But, to perform it correctly, it is necessary to observe some steps so that the problem does not worsen, worsening the animal’s state. This is because one of the main reasons for the early disposal of animals is foot problems. That […]

Beef cattle: understand about the best breeds and profitable management!

Raising beef cattle efficiently, producing more meat of better quality in a shorter time is the priority for 10 out of 10 successful producers.  To better understand the subject, we start from the definition that beef cattle are bovine breeds whose genetic characteristics are ideal for slaughter to produce meat and meat products. In Brazil, […]

Is profitability in beef cattle related to productivity or commercialization?

Over more than 20 years working in the sector, with agronomic and administrative training, I experienced many discussions focused on-farm productivity and management within the gate, vigorously defending these solutions as the primary way to profit from livestock. However, the administrative view and performance in the management of farms provided a more excellent perception of […]

Beef Cattle: Everything the farmer needs to know

Producing quality meat in large quantities has become one of the main challenges for ranchers worldwide. Many advances have already been achieved due to improved genetic improvement techniques, management, and beef cattle nutrition. These techniques have made animals much more efficient at converting nutrients received via diet into the meat. And it has been helping […]

How to think about replacing the lean ox for confinement?

The essential truth of all is “without replacement, there is no confinement,” and, to make a profit, you need to buy your replacement well. So you should see this video! We have been addressing the subject “Replacement” for a few days, see the article Replacement: Window of opportunity closing. We know that the end of the […]

Beef Productive Chain, Trends and Challenges!

To work in any sector, one of the first things an entrepreneur or entrepreneur needs is to know the market and the environment in which it is inserted. It is necessary to understand the Value Chain and analyze the forces that influence the activities developed and the prices of commodities. Let’s understand the Beef Production […]

7 signs that indicate if your company is buying inputs and selling production on time!

You work all year to increase production. And when he goes to close the accounts, he realizes that he did not have the expected Result. Is the problem in production? Are you dedicating your time to the right activities? Is it buying inputs and selling products on time? We separated seven signs that indicate whether […]

Calf replacement challenges ranchers to improve management.

The cost of replacing the calf has increased in the livestock breeder and fattener’s account in 2019. After a significant fall in prices in 2017, the calf’s quotations rose again, recovering the calf margins. This trend has challenged the breeding links and put on weight to improve its cost management. Since calf replacement can represent […]

Strategies for replacing animals in beef cattle

Challenges in Strategies for replacing animals in beef cattle. In the article Animal replacement: How can we profit from this movement? we observed some critical challenges for maintaining activity growth, among them: The increase in the relevance of the replacement cost in the rearing and fattening activity. The challenges of increasing the calves’ supply in […]