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Preventive casketing in cattle is one of the main ways to prevent hoof disease. But, to perform it correctly, it is necessary to observe some steps ….

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Dairy farming is an excellent option for investors. The first step before investing in the activity is defining the type of animal production system….

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You work all year to increase production. And when he goes to close the accounts, he realizes that he did not have the expected Result.

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Beef cattle management: are you doing it right?

The management of beef cattle is the first step for the activity to be profitable. Many producers lose their profitability because they do not know ….

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The livestock feed is made up basically of roughage and concentrates. The big challenge in the supply of roughage, composed of vegetable fibers, is the

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To work in any sector, one of the first things an entrepreneur or entrepreneur needs is to know the market and the environment in which it is inserted.


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